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Our Vision

In the spirit of friendship, RDNFS is committed to a community without need. We embrace and are guided by cultural wisdom and traditional teachings to provide a healthy and safe place of belonging for all people living in Red Deer. RDNFS is a charitable Indigenous agency dedicated to building an empowered community through Asooahum cultural housing, community development and the Indigenous Youth Centre for Success.


RDNFS plays an important role in the daily lives of our members by:

  • Providing cultural teachings and family preservation services for our families, children, our elderly and those in need that promote well-being and assist in the adjustment to life in Red Deer

  • Creating cultural and spiritual connections to all people to nurture an engaged Indigenous community

  • Offering referrals for suitable housing, food, clothing, pursuit of education, employment and skill development to improve quality of life for Indigenous people; and

  • Extending friendship and fostering positive relationships to bring awareness of Indigenous people and culture to all citizens of Red Deer


Four Core Initiatives

  1. Capacity Building and Sustainability:
    Provide strong leadership and fiscal management for the Society and community membership to ensure a sustainable future for the organization that includes fundraising for a new Friendship Wellness Centre.

  2. Community and Family Supports:
    Provide culturally based services and programs that respond to the community needs, such as health/ housing/basic needs/referral and advocacy.

  3. Youth Programming:
    Focuses on every aspect of the medicine wheel; emotional, mental, spiritual, physical wellness.

  4. Cultural Awareness Initiatives:
    Promote traditional craft circle/story telling/Indigenous community events/ eldership program all promoting friendship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Red Deer.

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